MATT AND BLAINE // Thinking Out Loud

Working with this sweet couple was a pure delight.  Matt (who claims he had two left feet) wanted to do something fun and romantic with his bride so he surprised her with the pre-wedding gift of ROCKthePARTY!  How heart-melting is that!?  We were so impressed with Matt's quick progress and Blaine's natural talent.  They even pulled off an aerodynamic ballroom lift and spin.   

Screenshot 2018-01-11 13.34.25.png

These ROCKstars performed twice at their Oklahoma Victorian-themed wedding and their Old Hollywood-inspired LA reception!  We were lucky to attend their unique LA reception that took place at a unique and nostalgic prop house.  This Disney-loving couple was fully decked out in LED attire and the night was fun-filled with props, photo opps, and games to play all night!  Well done, Matt and Blaine!  

Screenshot 2018-01-11 13.37.58.png