VICTOR // "The One" who stole his wife's (and our) heart!

Have you ever daydreamed about being in a boy band, sans band? Rockin out as the only only one on stage, dancing and serenading the one you love? Add lights, proper fedora, vest and all of your closest family and friends there to join you on the dance floor...celebrating nothing but good vibes and memories for a lifetime? 

Well - our friend Victor made this a REALITY and tore the house down with his incredible performance to “The One” by none other than BSB. 

Not only was the performance a total hit, but rehearsals from start to finish were such a blast with this guy. Although it was a solo, Victor carried the energy as if he had an entire crew of dancers and a live band behind him. Victor worked so hard and made us smile week after week… all to prove that he was indubitably, “The One”.