HANGIN' WITH LANGER! summer Tour and the emmys


It's October and it's BLAZING HIP HOP AND R&B outside in SoCal! (For all my 90s era peeps, thanks for catching that reference) This weather better chill out by Halloween because I have an elaborate face of makeup planned for my costume this year....and I am not about to let it all melt off before the night is over! 

Anyhow! On to an update. Summer had me traveling to many cities to teach dance workshops and set choreography. I traveled so much in the past few months that I got on a first name basis with the baristas at the airport. By baristas, I really mean bartenders... Ok ok it was a combo of both....maybe... 

I am so grateful that I've had the opportunity to connect with so many awesome students across the country. They inspire me so much.  As an instructor of dance, I've been exploring the idea lately that I really am simply a guide.  The students are doing the work. The students are deciding when to push themselves through that tough challenge.  The students are deciding whether or not they want to endure.  I truly believe in an empowering model of teaching, by showing dancers that when they trust their instincts, they know more than they think they know.  They learn so much by absorbing and emulating, and by being praised when they are doing well.  In turn, they develop the skills to grow at a faster pace, because they are learning how to self-correct, versus depending on being told whether something is right or wrong.  When clear explanations are given, proper form is demonstrated and passion and fun are instilled in the learning environment, it's a recipe for undeniable growth and a motivational experience.  This is what I work towards in every place that I teach (guide). :D  

Below are a few moments from the different places I taught this Summer, including: San Antonio, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, North West Arkansas, New Orleans and Des Moines. 

Andy in costume

In other news, I had the opportunity to dance on my first awards show EVER (this has been a goal of mine for a while, the Oscars are next - I will not stop until that happens)! Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I got to dance with Andy Samberg during his intro video for The 67th Primetime Emmys. Now, I have been a fan of Andy Samberg since pre-Lonely Island days.  (The Lonely Island is the name of his comedy trio, of whom from many hilarious digital shorts and music videos have been born). When I first saw Lazy Sunday (all time fave) on SNL, I was an insta-fan of his. 

Dancing with him even for this short bit was super fun, and you can see the whole intro video below.  You can see us dancing with him towards the end! I'm in the funny hat and purple vest.  My character is totally up for your interpretation as it was quite the confusion on set amongst the cast. HA! "Ummm are you a Safari Lady? Tea Party Planner? Crazy Plant Lady?" Suuuuure.... 

Thanks so much ROCKstars for staying in touch with us! We have some awesome new clients that we are PUMPED about! We love ROCKin parties! 

Janet :D