Orland and Bianca // That's so Gatsby

Orland and Bianca rocked the roof off of their dazzling “Gatsby”-themed wedding reception with an official ROCK the PARTY!-approved dance performance of a lifetime!  

We incorporated some 20’s swing dancing along with some hip hop and R&B into their high-energy and entertaining medley.  The groom, Orland, dusted off his ol’ dancing shoes and brought back his old school breakin’ tricks while Bianca blew us away with her Beyoncé solo performance.  (We must mention that B had never ever done choreography before--who knew!?) 


This adventurous and healthily competitive couple had a blast working together and rehearsing hard to make this a performance to remember as newlyweds.  We were so incredibly proud of them AND their wedding party who learned the closing piece from our instructional video!  This performance was a fabulous way to kick off the hype set by DJ Icy-Ice, opening up the dance floor to everyone at the wedding!